Activities of the Group Comett skupina range from the implementation of assistance and care at home, through the construction of homes for the elderly, to performing activities of institutional care for the elderly.

These private companies have concessions for providing institutional care to the elderly in the municipalities of Rogaška Slatina and Kranjska Gora, as well as the implementation of assistance and care at home in Domžale, Moravče, Vodice and Medvode municipalities.

The Group Comett skupina as an investor and activities operator:

  • is developing a modern concept of care for the elderly, based on social psychology and geriatrics knowledge and whose primary goal is a higher quality of life of older people;
  • provides users with protection in their living environment, enabling optimal connectivity of older people with their families and home environment;
  • covers deficient areas of care (people with dementia, palliative care);
  • provides other forms of care for older people (day care, the possibility of short-stay, assisted living apartments).

The Group Comett skupina wants to be a stable company that will, through its program and innovative approach, provide the service users the most modern concept of care for the elderly, secure jobs for the employees and a safe investment for the owners.

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Skupina Comett
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Comett domovi d.o.o.
Zgornji Brnik 130h
4210 Brnik
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IBAN: IBAN SI56 0600 0093 3821 724 (Banka Celje d.d.)

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